World’s most expensive whisky?

7thOct. × ’11

Marking another milestone in the transformation of whisky as a drink to whisky as a collectible, a Chinese businessman bought the last remaining bottle of 62 year old Dalmore at Changi Airport in Singapore for £125,000.

A 62 year old Dalmore had previously changed hands at the Pennyhill Park Hotel in Surrey, UK for £32,000 in 2005.

This represents a notional return of 390% in just six years, not bad by any measure!

But the Dalmore 62 is not the world’s most expensive whisky. Dalmore themselves have also released the Trinitas, a 64 year old expression (retailing at £100,000 a bottle). Beating that, the rather unknown Ruwa whisky sells at £3.8m. Ludicrously high for a bottle containing unknown spirit, even if it is covered in white gold and diamonds.

Tasting notes: I won’t pretend to have tasted the Dalmore 62, and from a brief search on the internet it seems that nobody else has actually written any tasting notes either. We’ll have to just make do with knowing that it was the “most beautiful thing” ever tasted by the bar manager of the Pennyhill Park Hotel. Slainthe!

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